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Conversion Leaks


Improve Funnel
Copy With AI

How Will You Succeed With The Challenge And The Tools?

Let's Admit - Creating A Winning Funnel Is Hard.

You’ll have to spend months on costly trial and error to get good at funnel building, and even then, it takes a lot to of work to build winning funnels.

And there’s all these to juggle: structure, copywriting and design.

Big agencies have a huge team, but you’re likely by yourself, so the odds are against you.

That’s where the "One Funnel Away" Challenge and Funnelhacker Tools come In.

This training and the tools are your “cheat codes” to dramatically cut the time required to become skilful in funnel building and find and model multi-million dollar funnels in a matter of weeks.

This secret toolset helped me go from first attending the One Funnel Away Challenge just last year to outperforming even Russell Brunson in real conversions during the Funnel Games competition.


Multiple Tools To Speed Up Your Work At Every Step

Let's Break Down How We Can Accelerate Your Workflow


Funnelhacker Tools Are Your Secret Advantage

To Stand Out From The Competition

It’s the secret weapon to become a “rainmaker” and create excellent results for yourself and your clients without the guesswork about how to do it.

Without The TOOLS

  • Spend tens of hours on research
  • ​Manual funnel hacking
  • ​Switching between tools

With The TOOLS

  • Find winning funnels in minutes
  • All-in-one toolbox
  • ​Reverse-engineer funnels with AI

Do You Want To Cut Your Funnel Hacking Time By 90%?

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Charlie Munger

Legendary investor

"The man who needs a new tool and hasn't bought it is already paying for it."

Sam Altman

Founder of OpenAI

"I expect AI to be capable of superhuman persuasion well before it is superhuman at general intelligence, which may lead to some very strange outcomes."


Catapult Yourself Into The
Top 10% Of Funnel Hackers

Hey, I'm Gabor Kriston

In our 12 years of building websites and funnels, we’ve helped over 150+ clients generate millions of dollars.

We’ve done it the hard way, seen the good and the bad and got so annoyed by going through the same tedious process all the time that we’ve decided it’s time to innovate.

We’ve taken all we know about user experience research, software engineering and behavioural psychology and condensed it into a convenient toolset that 10x-ed the speed of our work.

We’ve got so excited about what we’ve created that we felt it’s our obligation to share it with you.

This funnel is a living example of our process.

But That’s Just The Surface Of What Funnelhacker Tools Can Do For You

Get Everything You Need To Find, Hack, Audit And Fix Funnels In Minutes, Leveraging AI

All In One Convenient Toolbox!


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Funnelhacker Tools Is…

Your Database Of Multi-Million Dollar Funnels

Researching winning funnels to model used to be a tedious process. What would normally take hours now is available with a few clicks of a button.

With our Funnel Expert Database, you can…

  • Find funnel masters who have done millions with their funnels and won the coveted 2CC award for it, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Get all the links to their funnels and ads and pick the right funnel to model.
  • See the right funnel structure for every kind of funnel, and save time going back to the drawing board.

10h+ of research per project, up to 100h+/year!


*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
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Funnelhacker Tools Is…

Your Funnel Hacking Robot

With AI, you can leverage hundreds of years of human wisdom and identify what makes an offer irresistible within minutes.

Funnel hacking was a very manual process until now.

With our Funnel Hacking AI tools, you can…

  • Create an audience profile based on the funnel copy, and build your funnels with confidence that your hitting the right angles.
  • Find all the benefits, desires, pain points and objections mentioned in any page, so you’ll know what emotions make people buy.
  • Identify the persuasion factors on the page, so you can model what works to achieve similar results.

2-3h+ of hacking per project, up to 50h+/year!


*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
members with a new ClickFunnels 2.0 trial

Funnelhacker Tools Is…

Your User Experience Analysis Partner

Our user experience analysis tools let you experience elements in isolation so you can focus on auditing one component at a time.

Funnel hacking can be difficult as there are so much going on that it’s hard to dissect the experience.

With our User Experience Analysis tools, you can…

  • Find focus areas on each page that drive attention so you can identify if visitors are pointed to the right content.
  • Check if images are meaningful enough to add to the story by switching off the text.
  • See the page without images, in text-only mode with highlights, so you can revise if the copy allows visitors to capture the essence of the message quickly.

There's no alternative! No more headache from tyring to interpret design and copy at once.


*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
members with a new ClickFunnels 2.0 trial

Funnelhacker Tools Is…

Your Live Annotation Tool

The annotation tool lets you capture and attach your notes where the elements are, so you save time and mental effort and avoid confusion from not being clear on what your notes are referencing.

Previously, when hacking a page, you needed to capture your notes in a separate document, which meant a lot of context-switching and referencing.

With our Live Annotation tool, you can…

  • Capture persistent notes right on the website, which remains visible even after you navigate away.
  • Stay in context by attaching your notes to where website elements are.
  • Share your notes with anyone so you can keep the conversation on point.

Switching between back and forth between note taking and the funnel and loosing context.


*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
members with a new ClickFunnels 2.0 trial

Funnelhacker Tools Is…

Your AI Copywriting Companion

Not one funnel is perfect. Be it a million-dollar funnel or your own, there’ll still be flaws, hurting conversion.

The funnelhacker AI copywriting tools are not making things up but working from actual website copy instead, so you can have peace of mind that the copy you generate will be on point.

With our AI Copywriting tools, you can…

  • Create winning headlines that hold visitor attention long enough to introduce your killer offer.
  • Identify vague phrases and sentences so you can improve the clarity of your copy.
  • Find inconsistencies in your argument and fix them based on the AI recommendations.

The fake promise of creating perfect copy with AI without little to no context.

And More...

1-click Market

Tune in to real social conversations and find messages your audience resonates with.

Funnel Detective

Find hidden funnel pages and see how real money is made.

Funnel Simulator

Simulate funnel performance in a few clicks and identify what KPIs to hit to make big bucks.

Quality Assurance Checklist

Quickly validate your funnels against best practices.

*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
members with a new ClickFunnels 2.0 trial

Russell Brunson

The "OG" funnel hacker

"Don't create from stratch…
Build from what already works."

Tony Robbins

The world's No. 1 success coach

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

Be A Part Of The Funnel Hacking Revolution

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Get All Of This

  • Funnelhacker AI Tools
  • Funnelhacker UI Tools
  • Funnel Expert Database
  • ​Funnel Detective
  • ​1-Click Market Research
  • ​Live Annotator
  • ​Funnel Calculator


For $297... FREE!

*Only for One Funnel Away challenge
members with a new ClickFunnels 2.0 trial

You'll Also Get These Bonuses

  • The Ultimate Funnel Hacking Guide
    The culmination of 12 years of funnel hacking, our most comprehensive step-by-step guide.
  • Funnel Hub Blueprint
    The simple but effective framework to turn your underperforming website into a highway of sales revenue.
  • Funnel Hub Evaluator
    Discover how much money you're exactly leaving on the table with your current site and what weaknesses you need to work on to increase revenue from your funnels.
  • ​Hypnotic Copywriting E-book
    Discover the A.I.-powered marketing copy production process even most marketeers don’t know about!
  • ​"Secrets of Success" Funnel Hacking Case Study
    Russell Brunson’s brand new Secrets of Success offer dissected with our tools highlighting insights on what makes a killer funnel.

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